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Academy of Social Sciences to highlight Edinburgh Study

Co-Directors Susan McVie and Lesley McAra have been asked by the Academy of Social Sciences to submit a summary of impact from the Edinburgh Study to be highlighted in the next booklet in their 'Making the Case for Social Sciences in the UK' series. (More)

A society of captives? Lecture to the Howard League Scotland.

On 11th December, Professor Lesley McAra delivered a lecture for the Howard League Scotland Lecture Series titled 'A society of captives? new findings from the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime'. (More)

Balancing children's confidentiality with the need to share data

Professor Susan McVie took part in a Round Table discussion organised by the Scottish Child Law Centre and sponsored by Kezia Dugdale MSP at the Scottish Parliament on 13th December. (More)

ESYTC LogoThe Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime is a programme of research that aims to address a range of fundamental questions about the causes of criminal and risky behaviours in young people.

The core of the programme is a major longitudinal study of a single cohort of around 4,300 young people who started secondary school in Edinburgh in the autumn of 1998.

School of Law, University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL, Scotland, UK [Map]

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